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The new NIST soft and tender beamlines (80 eV -7.5 KeV x-rays) at
NSLS II 7-ID are now in operation.

This is the new microscope. It is the endstation of both beamlines.
The VPPEM microscope used X-ray photoelectron spectra
to create this image.

X-ray photoelectron spectra give elemental compositions,
chemical state, local atomic coordination, semiconductor
band structure, magnetic properties, and other details of
materials structure.
VPPEM is a new class of  microscope being developed at
the National Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS II),
Brookhaven National Laboratory.

VPPEM images give the composition and chemistry of the
sample surface at high spatial resolution, with a very high
depth of focus.
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VPPEM image of Al-Ca alloy
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Covid-19 has slowed down our commissioning of the microscope.
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