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My many thanks to Daniel Fischer of NIST (on the left)
for his continuing support, and advice on this project.

NSLS has provided the facilities, and technical
assistance at beamline U4A that has made this work
possible. NSLS is national user research facility
funded by the U.S. Department of Energy's Office of

This work has been supported under NIST small
business innovation, and research (SBIR) awards
including: SB134112CN0075, SB134113SU637 and
I would also like to thank Piero Pianetta of SSRL for
making parts from the Stanford microXPS
experiment available.  My thanks to Paul King for a
copy of his Ph.D. dissertation, and help in
understanding how to operate the superconducting
magnet (who needs a manual).  I very much need to
thank the team at NSLS for their help in constructing
the equipment, and operating the beamline.