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Current Status
NSLS last light was on 30 September 2014.
The VPPEM has been moved to NSLS II.
Where we are looking forward  the NIST Soft
and Tender beamlines being completed in

The original prototype instrument seen below
being moved to NSLS II has been dismantled.
There were two problems with the equipment.
We realised that the superconducting magnet
had developed an inte
rnal short that limited
the field to around 1.5 T, and there was a
charging problem with the CHA..
The prototype VPPEM on a truck in front of
NSLS II, December 2014
Updated 3/15/2017
During analysis of our results from NSLS it has become apparent
that the theory of imaging is not fully describing the results.
Analysis of results from experiments at NSLS U4A demonstrate
much higher spatial resolution than expected from theory. This
high resolution imaging is 10-30 times higher resolution than
predicted, and probably results from some non-linear interaction
of the imaging field with the sample. Not fully understanding this
phenomena makes design of the instrument difficult.  We need to
understand this effect before moving forward. An instrument has
been designed to investigate the anomalously high spatial
resolution.  The new instrument below uses a permanent magnet,
and is being tested with an electron gun while waiting for the
beamlines to come up.
Version 2  VPPEM under construction at the
NIST beamlines NSLS II