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Move to U4A
In December 2008 we were given the use of the U4A beamline at the National Synchrotron Light Source
(NSLS) at Brookhaven Laboratory. In February 2009 we relocated from San Mateo CA to Suffolk NY.
The U4A beamline was a bending magnet UV beam line on the UV ring at NSLS.

The U4A spot size is comparatively large for microscopy. The UV white light
photon flux is estimated at approximately 10^13 photons/s, and therefore the
photon flux density is 5x10^6 photons/micron^2/s.

Monochromatic illumination between 20-40 eV is in the range of 5x10^3

Photons were focused to a 2-3 mm spot size incident at 15 degrees
to the microscope axis.

The original final mirror on the beamline had the wrong focal length, and a new
mirror was purchased.