R. Browning Consultants is a small business contractor for the
National Institute of Science and Technology (NIST), at the National
Synchrotron Light Source (NSLS) Brookhaven National Laboratory.

Since 2009 R. Browning Consultants has been developing a photoelectron
microscope for imaging advanced engineered materials at the mesoscale.
This development effort has resulted in the creation of a new class of
microscope, the vector potential photoelectron microscope (VPPEM).

Raymond Browning is a NIST Guest Researcher and a member of the NIST
Synchrotron Science Group. He had previously been a director of software
engineering at Canon USA, president and founder of a process control
software company (sold to Canon), the CEO of a CAD software company,
and a consulting professor at Stanford University where he worked on the
predecessor microscope to the VPPEM.

He has a D. Phil. in Physics from the University of Sussex, Brighton UK, and a
B.Sc. in Physics from Westfield College, London UK.

He has published approximately 100 journal articles, and book chapters in
the fields of surface science, electron beam/solid interactions, semiconductor
lithography, and microscopy. He has been awarded 7 patents.